News-updated 27 January 2017

To all of our regular clients and friends we have made over the last 12 years whilst operating Jobry Country Retreat we say thank you very much.

Jobry has been sold and will change hands on 20 February 2017. The new owners will be using the property as a private residence.

We will be staying in Bridgetown as it is such a comfortable place to live, and the locals are such great people. It is time for us to downsize block wise, so we are moving from 32,000 sq. metres to 1050 sq. metres. Our telephone number will not change so we expect to hear from you if you are 'in our patch!' Don't despair, Jo says there may be room for the odd guest from time to time. I don't think she means you have to be odd really!

It has been an extraordinary adventure achieving what we have over the past few years but it is time to do other things whilst we can.

This website will be removed at some future stage.

This will be our new residence within walking distance to the coffee shops!

January 2019

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